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Squarespace Website Design for Small Businesses



I offer full designs from scratch, help with existing Squarespace sites (to make you look Super Pro) and also offer training for those of you DIYers out there.


Other things we do

Ways we can help 

So you've had a lot of success through referrals. Now you need to reach more prospects and turn them into customers. We can help you put your best representative of yourself. Our work is clean, simple, direct and allows people to get what you do and want to hire you.


website and branding

Developing trust with your prospects is crucial. We let your work shine in a clean, uncluttered fashion that unveils why your business is the best choice. 

We create the look, identity and feel of your online brand.

content marketing

Telling stories of your success helps relate what you do to consumers. We help make your work relatable to your audiences.

Amplifying word of mouth through social channels and search gives your customers even more reason to seek you out.

search engine optimization

If you are looking to make a purchase, you will Google the subject or the questions that try to solve your problem.

Don't be lost in the search game. We believe in tried-and-true natural search engine optimization strategies.

customer relations

Now that you've built a nice foundation of loyal customers. How to you retain them and become your brand evangelists?

You keep giving them value by making them feel part of an exclusive club. 



Personalized Solutions


You can't really succeed with a one-size-fits all approach. Your audiences are unique to your location, your philosophy and your personality as a business owner. MJ Wang Media takes that extra time to get to know who your customers are and what you want them to feel about your brand. We provide solutions that get you the most effective way to improve your online presence.