Website proposal for Smart City Kids



As a former journalist, I know how to gather information on a subject manner and tell the story in a compelling manner that attracts your prospects. The key to any website built to sell a service is to get users to learn more and become conversions. A good website conveys sophistication, is easy to navigate and hits upon the company's unique points of difference. 

In 2017, a website with a modern visual style is achievable using amazing tools and strong assets (photography, infographics, tried-and-true font pairings) at a very affordable choice. Today's website must also be easy to edit and developed on the platform that is versatile and agile. That's why for consumer facing sites meant to convey information, I use either Squarespace of Wordpress as the site's content management system. Sites built off of a theme are designed with Squarespace and start at $2,000 and fully custom Wordpress sites start at $10,000 (as fully custom means just that, a designer creates a snap-to-grid Photoshop file for developers to program in HMTL). For most straightforward business sites, I recommend the less-costly Squarespace option. I'll break down why later.