Squarespace vs. Wordpress

Alternative title: Top 10 reasons Squarespace is better than Wordpress

I've been behind countless websites powered by Wordpress, but now I'm recommending Squarespace to all my clients. Why? It's easier to use. 


For the uninitiated, Squarespace and Wordpress are two of the most popular content management system (CMS) for common website designs. This is not a comparison for e-commerce site, though both are platforms are capable (Squarespace with its own and Wordpress with Woo Commerce).

As a member of Squarespace's Circle I am privy to some insider tips that can empower your Squarespace site to be as search engine friendly as any Wordpress site. I work with with a gentleman named Bryce Wilhem, a former employee of Squarespace, to maxed out on-site SEO capabilities on SS sites.

But on a very practical level here is why I choose Squarespace:

1. Pretty templates that are easy to use.

2. Create landing pages quickly.

3. Plugins from Square Studio are great. Custom look and feel as a fraction of the price.

4. NO version and plugin updates. Less maintenance, more time for running your business, not your website. This might be my favorite difference.

5. WYSIWYG editing. Make changes on your pages and that's it. No toggling back and forth between and editor and page previews.

6. Built-in SEO features.

7. Tip: Use Jpegmini to compress images for best rendering/load times.

8. Integrated hosting and domains. I see this as a plus. I value simplicity in life and in business.

9. Better galleries!!!

10. Speed. Need a professional looking website up fast? Squarespace gets it done.

Li Wang